Artist – Steven Kuc

Steven Kuc

Steven Kuc is the founder and lead artist of Soldier Ink Design, a company specializing in custom canvas work ranging from in home and office décor to full scale themed wall murals.

Soldier Ink Design offers a variety of artistic mediums including but not limited to watercolor, acrylic, colored pencil, airbrush, chalk, marker, pen/ink, digital platforms and custom tattoo design.

His clients include:
Douglas County School District
Denver Post
Colorado Symphony
Denver Comic Con (2012-2014)
Parry’s Pizzeria
Racines Restaurant
The Blue Bird
Larimer Chalk Festival – Featured artist
Centennial Chalk Festival – Featured artist

In addition to successfully operating Soldier Ink Design, Steven also serves as the Art Director for Racines restaurant, highlighting local artists portfolios within the restaurant gallery. For more information about Soldier Ink Design and its services, email Steven directly at or follow him on Instagram @soldier_ink_design